Xavier Perret

Chief Digital Officer
Orange France

Conference Day 1 - Tuesday 21st February 2017

5:00 PM Understanding the principles of digital transformation through Hollywood movies

What if digital transformation and all its principles and consequences from Big Data, machine learning, statistical probabilities and digital user experience were already written and portrayed in Hollywood movies?

The world and our businesses are becoming digitalized, we are surrounded by robots, about to drive in autonomous cars, and will benefit from personalized and preventive medicine. We are becoming ultra-connected and digital is now everywhere, forcing us to revisit business processes, customer experience, and even business models. We all know it concerns all industries from manufacturing, medicine, insurance, automobile, entertainment, banks and even society and politics. Learn in a creative way through this keynote how famous Hollywood movies, from The Matrix, Minority Report, Truman Show and even Gattaca and Rollerball anticipated what we are now living in this new digital world and understand the key principles of this digital transformation. What future trends should we be looking out for now?

Conference Day 2 - Wednesday 22nd February 2017

09:30 AM A journey to enable digital experiences & engage customers

  • The importance of taking an enterprise-wide approach to customer experience that includes cultural evolution and systematic customer feedback
  • Tackling and reinventing back-office process inefficiencies to enable a more agile response to changing customer needs
  • Providing digital touch points and tools which customers actually want to use with a single clear value proposal
  • Leveraging agile development and automation self-service to deliver a seamless customer experience with the example of OrangePro application tailored for SMB market